Let it snow,  let is snow….County Westmeath

Number 3 on the list took me to Westmeath,  Athlone to be precise. 30th of January,  I wasn’t expecting fine weather by a long shot but the cold was unreal. I parked up for the Parkrun in A.I.T. at 8.30am…. multiple layers on,  hat and gloves and my trusted Salamons.

 This was my first ever Parkrun and I was amazed at the turnout,  given the inclement weather conditions and the time on a Saturday morning.. I figured some were still sticking to the New Year’s resolutions, maybe. Quick briefing and we were on our way. The location was perfect. The weather not so much. As I took the first hill,  I could feel the legs turn to jelly. I hadn’t warmed up properly taking shelter in the lobby of A.I.T. sports building rather than do a few warm up laps…but however,  I kept going.  First loop was tough,  snow falling and hills climbing but I figured I knew what to expect on the second climb so it wouldn’t be so bad. 31 mins later (not a PB at all 🙈) and I was done,  covered in muck but feeling healthy.  The Parkruns are fantastic. Located in counties throughout Ireland, they are well run and organised and all by volunteers.  Huge thanks to everyone in AIT and Athlone..I highly recommend this run. Westmeath done and Dusted. 

#run32 #3 #GoActive #GoActiveIreland

In a world filled with barcodes….be priceless

Mellie 💙


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