#run32 County 2…Wexford

It’s 4.45am on a dark,  miserable and frosty Sunday Morning,  with the miserable part being me πŸ˜‰ January 24th in A little town land in the West of Ireland. To left of my bed, there’s a giant map of Ireland. I place one finger on Galway and my thumb on the South-East coast, trying to visualise my journey. My Running planner for the 32 county challenge tells me I need to be in Ferrycarrig,  Co. Wexford for an 11am start! Hmmm…Melissa admits fully from here on in to not being a fantastic morning person….I mean,  Ya the early bird catches the worm and all,  but who needs to catch a worm anyway?! And Why would you want to catch a worm? Eeugghh 😷 Anyhow, all I can think of is coffee… buckets of coffee. I wrap up well,  plod down the 13 steps of stairs at home,  consider that my warm up and hit for Wexford. My saving grace: Spotify! MUSIC. This will keep me going.  I blast out a rendition of Boulavogue and I’m in the zone. Somewhere the dawn chorus is singing with me,  albeit in a more chirpy tone🎢🎀
Quick stop at Costa on the M6 East bound and my coffee fix  is sorted. Arriving at Ferrycarrig, I quickly take off some of the layers,  apply the trusted bio-freeze and I’m good to go! Rocking up to what I thought was a 5k run turns out to be a 5 mile run… with sleep in my eyes I over-looked distance πŸ˜• what harm we would make it! I’ve buckets of stubborn for things like this.. Ferrycarrig was a lovely run followed by a fantastic array of goodies and copious amounts of tea…sorted. Also getting to share the event with Sergiu Ciobanu and Sean Hehir…(when I say share,  I saw them at the start but didn’t quite catch either…they’re little bit fast for meπŸ™ˆ) was something special..I had only seen ever seen these guys on TV, on the sports pages and I recalled one the Dublin Marathons I had completed where Hehir collected the top prize coming home first! This was just fab!..I was in the presence of top athletes.. I was happy to see that finish line. Job done! WEXFORD completed.    Bit of sight seeing on the way home to break up the trip and I’d be westward bound once more..#run32 #2
The Slaney County had been good to me…

Roadtrip account of a famous Wexford sight on its way!
Mellie x






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