Roadtrip Around Galway

Are you ever in an environment of pure chaos and long for silence and calmness? Somewhere you can just be still and stay in a moment of serenity. Where you know nothing of the place and no-one and the only thing that matters is being still. If you ever feel like the need for this,  you need to take yourself to Tra an Dóilín…a little gem of a beach in an Cheathrú Rua.. This beach is just amazing. Quiet. Isolated. Peaceful. Where you can sit and have a chat with yourself and put the world to rights.  It’s only 1.5hours from my home.  Often on my days off,  I’d take myself to the Gaeltacht region of Galway and wallow in the beauty that is my County.  My mind is free and my thoughts are calm.  Stop off in An Spidéal for some grub and get a taste of the ocean in the Sea Food restaurants or just grab an ice cream and sit on Spidéal Pier on the way home! With the latter though, you’re sure to witness an awesome sunset!
Breathe in the sea air and breathe out the worries of life. Watch the fishermen in their Currachs. Just do nothing but sit still and thank God you’re in such a beautiful part of the Country. Just Go! Chill!

Mellie 💙


Sunset at Tra an Dóilín... all rights @ LpG





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