County #1 #Run1 #Galway

Where to start running 32 counties…at home in County Galway on the day of my 30th birthday in the home of my Grandmother,the granny whose pictured I’ve carried with me on every single run I’ve done. THere I was in the glorious sunshine that surrounded Clarinbridge, Jan 3rd 2016. Not expecting it to be so warm,&I was inappropriately dressed for winter in Ireland with under armour! 🌞😥 Huge mistake!! Running this 10k trail was beautiful. For the first 5k my legs were still on “Christmas Vacation” and finding it hard to grasp the whole running thing 🙈 Somewhere on that route,I realised a real adventure was about to be undertaken. This was me running my first County, my home county and there was so much to explore.  I’ve grown up and lived in Ireland 30 years without really having seen much of Ireland.  With that I decided I was gonna take this adventure and turn it into an epic roadtrip… I was gonna visit somewhere different in every county and make memories of a lifetime… first run in the bag 10k down and a whole new look on running born 🏃 #success… naturally I ended up going home and eating a lot of finely decorated birthday cake…sure hadn’t I earned it 😉


There’s me and some of the gang from Ballinasloe & District RoadRunners before the 10k event in Clarinbridge ☺

Stay tuned for the #roadtrip1 of #CountyGalway…I’ll be sure to show some places that are beautiful and worth a visit!
Mellie 💙


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