A blog was born….30 years after me

After completing some endurance events in 2015 and on returning from completing the NYC city marathon in November, I found myself lost and if I’m honest a bit down! Huge high. The Rollercoaster was coming to a halt. What would I do next. Completing the NYC Marathon had been my Childhood dream but now it was over…how would I motivate myself to train…what races could I do?! What should I sign up for?! When there appeared on my beloved Facebook page…a link to sign up for the 32 County Challenge! Quickly( a lot faster than I run I can assure you too!!) I got myself to the goactive site and signed up…and so the idea and challenge was born…I was gonna run a race in the 32 counties of Ireland in 2016, I was gonna roadtrip and discover this Country I was gonna try and raise funds for the New Pitch Development in Ballygar!! Challenge accepted πŸƒπŸ˜Š


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